For 2-8 players (4-6 for ideal)
Difficulty: 2/5

Starting the Game: Deal 4 cards to each person playing. Cards are then immediately locked, if applicable (see below). The dealer goes first.

Goal: Avoid getting 4 cards of the same value while trying to eliminate the opposition.

Gameplay: The game progresses in a series of turns. However, turns do not proceed clockwise around the table. In fact, there is no set pattern of turn order at all. Instead, the general rule is: the player who was just affected by an action is the next to go. When an action does not affect any player in particular, the active player chooses the next to go. A player may not choose himself.

Actions (choose 1)

  1. Draw a card face-down
  2. Give a card to any player from your mobile hand
  3. Take a card from any player’s mobile hand
  4. Force any player to draw one card, revealing the card to the table before putting it in his hand
  5. Shuffle: Have each player count the cards in his mobile hand. Take all the cards in the mobile hands and shuffle them, dealing out the same number of cards to each player afterwards
  6. Clear (see below)
Clear Locking The Rule of 3 The No-Give-Backs Rule: In order to avoid endless loops of giving and receiving the exact same card, a player may not give away a card that he/she just got from the deck or another player. On that player’s second turn after getting the card, however, the player may give it away as normal. If the player really wants to get rid of a card he/she just got, he/she may still choose to Shuffle. Losing: A player is eliminated from the game when he/she receives a 4th card of the same value (four 10s, four Ks, etc.). Upon elimination, all the player’s cards are gathered, minus the 4 offending cards, and reshuffled into the deck. The 4 losing cards are sent Outside the Game as a reminder of the player’s loss. The player who causes the elimination immediately takes another turn.

Winning: A player wins by eliminating the last remaining opponent. Therefore the winner is the only one who is not eliminated.

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