Lockdown Card Games

Lockdown - This game centers around the concept of having two kinds of hands for a player, a locked hand and a mobile hand. The mobile hand is held by the player while the locked hand is in front of the player on the table. A player loses the game by obtaining 4 cards of the same value.

Stacks - This game centers around the concept of giving tricks to the opponent by building up stacks of cards. Each trick is distinct and counts against the player at the end of the game. Each player builds three different kinds of stacks: the Number Stack, the Suit Stack, and the Defense Stack.

Lord of the Realm-

Clubs Down-

Dead or Destroyed - This game centers around a battle between a necromancer and a paladin. One player assumes the role of necromancer and the other is the paladin. There are five main areas of play: the Deck, the Graveyard, the Crypt, the Battle Field, and Outside the Game. The necromancer deals mainly with the Graveyard, the Crypt and the Battle Field, while the paladin deals mainly with the Deck and the Battle Field.


Wizard Wars-

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